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About Us

Lamp Boutiques is about creative lighting solutions. We strive to distance ourselves from the herd of online retailers bent on appealing to the generic with our unique lighting options designed to inspire. Lamps Boutique doesn’t simply offer lighting in the same manner of impersonal warehouses or depots -- we cater to your style and vision.

We are committed to providing the same experience found in upscale shops found at the end of that cobblestoned street while offering an impressive variety of lighting products and designs ranging from eclectic to classic.

Let’s face it, the world is no longer shifting toward online retailers – they’re here. And through our partnerships with quality manufacturers we save you from those exhausting treks through endless aisles of warehouse outlets and lengthy drives to specialty shops at the value that brought you to the chain outlets in the first place. While our stock rivals the common chain Depots found in every other shopping center, our selection strays from the plain, mass-produced options they have in abundance. And our staff is available for brainstorming sessions. If we don’t the answer to your question – we know someone who does -- and they like talking to us.